Global Update: Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Last week, we saw the following actions in global markets:

  • The MSCI World and MSCI World Ex-US are both down 5.3% YTD.
  • Industrials and Consumer Discretion lead all sectors YTD.  Energy is down the most of all sectors for the year (-9.2%).
  • Mid-caps are in positive territory for the year, while small and large-caps are slightly negative.
  • Chile, Indonesia, and Thailand lead all countries we follow in returns YTD.

If our Asset Allocation Matrix is right about the bullish nature of Psychology, Monetary and Valuation, then an upside break-out will occur sometime in the next six months.  Since we are coming up on the strong season period of the year, and the strongest Presidential Election cycle as well, the upside break-out should be on the horizon.

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Keith Hays