"Do you see what I see?"

In this Christmas season, I see some amazing undetected, unacknowledged things.  I just wonder why nobody else sees it.  Do you see what I see?  Below is the S&P Mid-Cap Index, which probably measures what I call Core America better than any other popular index.  Do you SEE??

I hope you see.  I hope you believe as I do that the stock market is the best barometer known to mankind to measure everything on earth and points its findings of the future.  It reads tomorrow’s headlines.  How can that upside breakout be?  It is telling us some amazing good news about tomorrow.  In my world, as I read headlines from the right or the left, everything looks rotten…and not just in Denmark, but in Greece, in Ireland, in Russia…and in the U.S.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, do you see what I see?   It is an amazing upside breakout.  I know it is hard to believe.  It shows that this country was on the verge of another Depression of the same degree as 1929-1932.  It also shows that as we were teetering on that edge in March 2009, some special people (Bernanke and Paulson) took the steps (in my opinion) to keep this economy, this financial system, and this country from going that same 1929 path.  Now, here we are 21 months later, and THE “barometer” is seeing some very good news in tomorrow’s headlines. 

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Don Hays

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