Which sector will lead the next phase of the bull market?

We believe that the bull market for growth stocks started lifting off from the bottom made in July 2006.  So, as a growth stock money manager, we want stocks that have endured and prospered in the humongous bumps and bruises since that 2006 low.  Our premise is that if they can outperform in that environment, with all the global, technological and financial stress, then they can survive and thrive in any environment.  Also, we look for stocks that have been able to thrive and survive in the "new" landscape since the top in October 2007.

Each week, we look at the equally-weighted S&P 500 and S&P 400 as part of our sector studies.  So which sector looks the most attractive now?  While you have to look at the individual stocks, if you are looking for sectors that best fit with our criteria, you have to be drawn to Technology and Consumer Discretion.

Technology has especially been interesting as it has had to heal over the past ten years after the bursting of the "Tech Bubble."  While the sector has been improving, it is not in "breakout" territory yet, but it is worth watching.

Don Hays

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