Global Update: Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Last week, we saw the following take place across global markets:
  • The majority of world regions saw returns over 1.5% last week, with the Fareast Ex-Japan leading for the year up 3%.
  • The Growth style boxes, along with Small Core, are leading for the year up about 3%.
  • The NASDAQ 100 is leading up 4.8% for the year, while the Dow 30 is up only 1.8%.
  • Financials are leading so far for the year up 5%, while Telecom is down -2.4%.
  • The Russian Ruble had a strong gain last week bringing it to a yearly return of 1.8%, while the US Dollar fell last week making it flat for the year.
  • Russia is leading for the year up 5.6%, while India is lagging other countries down -7.7% for the year.
  • Lumber's strong weekly return of 7% placed it in the lead for the year, while Corn's strong return last week of 9.2% brought it into positive territory for the year.

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Keith Hays

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