Global Markets Update: Monday, February 7, 2011

After redesigning our world outlook last week, we noticed the following trends across global markets:

  • Real Estate investments have soared over the last year, up over 40%.  Also, broad stock markets are up over 20%.  The only major asset class lagging is where most investors have placed assets over the last two years - Fixed Income.
  • Of the G-7 Countries, energy-rich Canada is leading, up 32% over the last year.  For countries we track, Argentina and Sri Lanka are up the most with returns over 70% in the last year.
  • Mid-caps and small-caps are neck and neck, with large-caps lagging.  However, large-caps are beginning to show signs of life.  The Basic Materials sector continued its strong performance, along with Energy, Industrials, and Consumer Discretion.

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Keith Hays

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