Move over "Baby-Boomers"! Here come the "Facebookers"!

One of the fortunate things in my life is that I was born six years prior to the beginning of the massive demographic bubble that is so well known as the "Baby-Boomer" generation. I was always right in front of the next big wave. I wasn‘t always smart enough to position myself just right, but I was usually a beneficiary of their growing greed (ambition), their energy, and their creativity. All I had to do was find the trend they would be interested in as it pertained to their age bracket and hang on.  Whatever the "baby-boomers" wanted, the U.S. (and the world) evolved in that direction.

That might scare you this morning, as you see them sneaking into retirement in the good ol' U.S.A., but maybe it shouldn't. I have a revelation. My revelation is that Technology is inventing a powerful substitute―a new wave. The amazing creative destruction that continues to drive communication devices into daily innovation has now produced a massive new "bubble" that is growing in geometric proportions. I don't think my terminology is good, but I can't think of a better word for these new renegades than "Facebookers."

I heard an astounding statistic last night. They said the average age of a citizen in Libya is 26-years-old. Wow!! We don't have those statistics in most of the developed world, but it is a fact of life that the ones we have under 30 are creating at such a dynamic and geometric tempo, that it is determining the "new world." 

We‘ve spent a decade digesting the Turbulence Phase of the Technology Revolution in the developed world.  And now as we enter the Build-Out Phase, the next 20 years are going to be very exciting as the Technology Generation produces more transparency. Transparency is good, in that the "good ol' boys" of the world, and their hidden agendas and corruption, will not be allowed to create the kind of bubbles of greed as in the past.

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Don Hays

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