Global Markets Update: Monday, February 14, 2011

Over the past week, we've seen the following developments in global markets:
  • With all of the political unrest and inflation in Emerging Markets, we have seen a significant outperformance of Developed Markets.  The US alone is up 5.7% this year, while Emerging Markets are down 5.2%.  We believe in the long-term emerging story, but valuations in Developed Markets are currently more attractive.
  • Germany is the best performer and most stable economy of the G-7 Countries.  Russia is dominating the BRICs, and is the only BRIC that's up for 2011.  India is down over 15% this year.
  • After a strong week for mid and small caps, midcaps took the lead year to date, up 6.9% for 2011.  Energy and Industrials have been the top sectors this year, up more than 8% in 2011 alone.

Also, in the chart below, you can see how the US Style Boxes have performed over the past six months.

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Keith Hays

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