Global Markets Update: Monday, March 7, 2011

Last week, we saw the following actions take place across global markets:

  • Emerging Markets had a much needed great week last week, up 3.5%.  That still keeps them slightly negative for the year and lagging Developed Europe by over 7%.  The Middle East is down over 10% this year due to all of the strife, while Eastern Europe is benefitting up 11.5%.
  • Canada had the best week of the G-7 Countries, and also has the best 1-year returns.  Germany is a close second as the most economically stable country in the group.  Russia is dominating the BRICs, while China, Brazil and India continue to struggle this year.
  • Energy is dominating US sectors up 14.4% in 2011, as most other sectors are up 1-6%.  Small, mid and large-cap US indices are neck and neck, which is different from last year when large-caps lagged.

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Keith Hays & Justin Wood

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