Global Markets Update: Monday, May 23, 2011

After taking a look at world markets this morning, this is what we see:
  • The US has a fairly big lead so far this year versus international markets up 6.2%, while The World x US is up only 1.8%.  Emerging markets have now reached a slightly negative level of performance for the year, while developed markets are performing strong such as Developed Europe, which has had a strong year up 6.8% so far.
  • Novak Djokovic isn't the only good thing coming out of Serbia.  Their stock market is #1 in the world of the markets we track, up 61% over the last one year.
  • After having a huge lead for the year, Energy is now the third best sector year-to-date.  Healthcare is now developing its own lead, up 14.1% for the year.  Consumer Staples & Energy are next in line up just over 9% YTD.  Financials remain the only negative sector for 2011.

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Keith Hays & Justin Wood

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