Global Markets Update: Monday, July 11, 2011

After last week's market actions, we've taken note of the following trends that have developed across global markets:
  • The US is dominating the world in 2011 thus far, with the MSCI US up 7.1% and the MSCI World x US up only 2.3% for the year.
  • Frontier Markets, the smallest established stock markets, are down 8.8% this year, while Emerging Markets are currently only up about 1% for the year.
  • The US is trying to catch the top G7 Countries for this year, now just a couple of percentage points behind the leaders Germany and France.
  • US Small Caps have made a move and are virtually tied with US Mid Cap stocks this year, up just over 10%, while Large Caps continue to lag, up only 6.9% so far this year.
  • Healthcare and Energy lead US Sectors for the year, up 13.5% and 12.5% respectively.

Keith Hays & Justin Wood

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