Global Markets Update: Monday, July 25, 2011

After last week's market actions, we've noticed the following trends across US and International markets:
  • The World rebounded last week up 2.5% in equity markets.  Over the last year, most broad-based equity indices are up around 20%, with the exception of Frontier Markets, which are lagging as they're only up 6.4%.
  • Emerging Europe (+30.9%) and the US (+23.8%) have the best one year returns of the world regions.
  • Year-to-date returns on some countries of note include the US (+7.2%), Russia (+11.2%), Thailand (+11.6%) and South Korea (+11.6%).  Yet, China, India and Brazil are all in negative territory for the year.
  • Energy, Technology and Financials had a big week last week.  Financials remain negative for the year, while Energy leads all sectors, up 16.5% year-to-date.

Also, in the US Styles chart below, you can really see how Large Caps have been lagging for the year.

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Keith Hays  & Justin Wood

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