Which Markets Performed Best in Q2?

As the second quarter came to a close yesterday, we wanted to highlight the following trends that have developed across global markets so far this year.

Commodities were the big asset class losers in the second quarter, down -7.9%.  This is evident as commodities are now the worst performing asset class for the year, which you can see in the chart below.  On the other hand, Real Estate is leading the major asset classes for the year, up 9.9%.  As for equities, the The World is up 3.4% for 2011, with the US up 5.2% and The World x US up 1.8%.

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Europe has dominated the world regions so far this year, with Emerging Europe up 9.2% year-to-date and Developed Europe up 6.7% so far this year.  Of the G7 Countries, France and Germany currently lead for the year, each up over 10% for the year, while Japan is the only G7 negative for the year, down -5.8%.  Looking to emerging markets, Russia leads the BRICs for the year, up 8.1%.  It's the only BRIC in positive territory for the year.

In US Sectors, Healthcare dominated the second quarter, up 7.3%, and it now leads for the year, up 12.7%.  Energy is close behind in second, as it is up 10.4% for the year.  On the other hand, Financials are the only negative sector for the year, down -3.7%.  And during the second quarter, 5 of the 10 sectors produced negative returns.

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Keith Hays & Justin Wood

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