Global Markets Update: Monday, October 10, 2011

After last week's market actions, here are a few of the trends that we've taken note of across global markets:
  • The markets experienced a week of relief last week.  The difference in returns between the US market and the rest of the world is eye opening.  The US is down around 8% for the year, while the World x US is down 17.9%.
  • Of the five major asset classes, only US Stocks, Fixed Income, and Commodities have a positive one year total return, while International Stocks and Real Estate (REITs) are in negative territory.
  • Only three of the countries that we follow are positive for the year: Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, and New Zealand.
  • Russia continues to lead the BRICs so far this year, despite it being down 25.9%.  (China is down 26.2%, Brazil is down 28.3%, and India is down 28.7% year-to-date.)
  • Only three US Sectors remain positive for the year: Utilities, Consumer Staples, and Healthcare.  Financials are still down over 25% for the year.

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Keith Hays & Justin Wood

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