Rydex Ratio Reaches Significant Level

As we've mentioned many times in the past, the Rydex Ratio is a very important component to our measurement of investor psychology.  As of yesterday, Rydex traders now have over 20% more bearish assets than bullish assets.  You can see the significance of this level in the chart below.

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Also, by looking at the chart below, you can see the similarity between last summer's correction and today's market by looking at the S&P 500 and the VXO.  If this rhyme from last year is going to come close to being recreated, then we need to have this decline slow down here, maybe a slightly lower low from yesterday's close, but not much more.  Then, we'll need a rally in the ensuing weeks.  If this is a close correlation, then we still have 8-12 more weeks of a volatile stock market, but not a lower low than the one being made here.  You can see the similarity in the chart below.

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Also, the lower volume on yesterday's panic was a good confirming sign that selling pressure is being reduced.  Our reverse head-and-shoulders pattern would be closely synchronized, in our opinion, with the Thanksgiving deadline for a definitive plan from the Super Committee.

This is not an exact science, but you can see history is on the side of a very bullish resolution to this panic attack.

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Don Hays

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