Global Markets Update: Monday, October 29, 2012

US Stocks & Real Estate are fighting it out for the best returns this year, Commodities are just fighting to break even for the year, and Fixed Income & International Stocks are somewhere in the between.
Some other highlights from around the globe this past week include:
  • The World is up 9.7% for the year, with the US up 12.3% and the World x US up 7.6%.
  • Africa is the only world region we track ahead of the US for 2012, up 38.6%. 
  • Egypt is the top performing country we track, up 59.8%, and Kenya is in second, up 47.3%.
  • Though countries like Germany (+18.4%) & India (+19.7%) are having great years, the most consistent established stock market since 2009 has been the US.
  • Here in the US, Financials, Consumer Discretion and Healthcare lead all US sectors year-to-date, while Basic Materials, Energy and Utilities are the worst performing US sectors.
  • Looking at the US style boxes, Large Caps are beating Small Caps this year.
Keith Hays & Justin Wood
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