The Stock Market's Put on Temporary Hold

It is very obvious that most of the attention is being put on the big storm hitting the East Coast this morning rather than market strategy.  But despite everything being up in the air right now, we still have this amazing set of barometers that tell us not to worry too much about the market. 
You can see above that we have two solid "green" indicators and one indicator that is just easing into the "yellow" stage.  Based on our historical analysis though, this all suggests that any short-term uncertainty will be worked out within the next 12 months.
We had a 3-day ray of potential sunshine recently when Psychology briefly crossed that threshold into P3, but it quickly dipped back to P4, and it remains there this morning.  And if we take a deeper look at the area(s) of our Psychology Composite that's leading to this weakness, we find that spot is the condition of many of the technical indicators that we follow.  However, these are short-term concerns though, so this short-term caution is still overwhelmed by our long-term bullishness.
I'm not sure what the next few days holds for the storm-related pause in the stock market, but stay safe my friends.
Don Hays
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