Are You Watching OJ's SUV?

Another day, another week, another month, and the headlines are still as skewed as ever.  Do you ever think about going into your cocoon and putting your fingers in your ears?  Journalists today are foaming at the mouth in excitement.  This plethora of news has the exciting headlines of the fiscal cliff that is sure to draw a crowd.  It is everywhere, and even though many people probably have no idea what this means, they have to listen to the politicians posturing one headline and one news conference at a time.  The journalists love it!  It is like those helicopters following OJ's SUV.  Everyone is glued to the screen trying to see who wins this tussle. 
You and I know, however, that the one headline that matters is this!
Just try to reflect on all the news that his barometer has weathered in the last two years, and still we see those higher highs and higher lows that define a bull market.
Yet, there is no doubt, the way to get your book on the bestsellers list is to tell the most people exactly what they "want" to hear.  That is short-term success, but long-term success comes from telling people the information that helps them grow stronger, wiser and more prosperous.  So the real message to me, the message that tells me what to believe, is this today.
You can see, my friends, all the gauges are in the green zone.  I can spend all day telling you of my short-term concerns, of why this correction may still have more time to stew, but the bottom line is the message we are getting from those barometers. 
Of course, today's attention is on OJ's SUV or the morsel of news that will appease the nervous crowd the most.  However, our Asset Allocation Model continues to suggest that, despite the potential for short-term ups-and-downs, the long-term prospects look promising for the stock market.
Don Hays
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