US Sector Update: Friday, February 15, 2013

We've seen some beginning signs of economic concern in our sector studies.  It is definitely not a trend as of yet, but the economically sensitive Industrials and Basic Materials sectors have shown some recent weakness, while at the same time, those defensive sectors of Utilities and Consumer Staples have shown some signs of rebirth.  You can see this in the charts below.

Other items of note include the Financials sector, which had show minor deterioration (more of a pause) since June of last year as the other sectors moved up, has, in the latest few weeks, shown some better action.  

Also, it will be interesting to see how Technology reacts in the next few weeks after suffering some broad cross-currents since June of last year.  The "going private" news concerning Dell and the loss of support in Apple's stock has brought the large-cap Tech stocks back into the same dormant condition experienced by the broad Tech stocks in the latest year.  We still have our fingers crossed, however, for this very important sector.

Don Hays, Justin Wood & Daniel Petzold

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