Global Markets Update: Monday, August 5, 2013

US Stocks were up 1.2% last week, bringing them to 20% for the year.  However, Real Estate has seen a pullback recently and is now even with International Stocks year-to-date.

Emerging Markets were down 0.6% last week, with three of the BRICs down more - India was down 6.1%, Brazil was down 1.7%, and Russia was down 1.1%.  After last week's returns, Emerging Markets are now down 9.5% for 2013.

Here in the US, Consumer Discretion, Industrials & Technology were each up around 2% last week; however, Technology still ranks in the bottom three sectors for the year.  Healthcare is sitting at the top of the list, up 28.4% in 2013.

Keith Hays & Justin Wood

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